Baker Mohammad Abd Alhaq

A journalist from Nablus in the northern West Bank, central Palestine. I have been working in the media field for eight years, during which I have moved between local, national and Arab media institutions. My professional experience includes many journalistic achievements of reports and news materials that were a media scoop and moved the public opinion in Palestine and the occupation state. My professional experience covers preparing both TV and written reports, filming and producing visual materials and short films, including digital content (first mobile), data journalism, preparing infographics, and managing digital content on websites and communication platforms. I am also the winner of the Arab League Award for Distinguished Arab Youth in the Media Field, third place in the Arab world. In addition to journalistic work, I am active as a researcher in verification and fact-checking, and my master thesis was on this topic as well, in addition to a scientific article. I am currently working on preparing my PhD thesis in verification and the roles of gatekeepers in the digital environment of Literacy – Kashef.
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