Session: Connected Palestinian youth

19 May 2022

19:25 - 20:55

The complex political conditions under which the Palestinian people live have led to their fragmentation in all their places of existence. The Israeli occupation control and the political division between the West Bank and the Gaza Strip led to deepening the rift between the Palestinians—including the refugees whether they were in Palestine, the Arab world, or in the rest of the world. This weakened the communication process between them and caused the absence of a Palestinian vision about the Palestine that we aim for. Therefore, this session aims to host groups of Palestinian youth from most of their places of existence to talk about the role of social media in increasing the communication between them and how this may influence their coordination of efforts to build solidarity movements with people of different nationalities. The participants will highlight the main challenges they face.


Mahmoud Alafranji


Farah Koutteineh

Rami Rmeileh

Tarek Bakri

Samer Hassan

Qassem Massri

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