“7amleh – The Arab Center for the Advancement of Social Media” believes in the importance of digital activism, digital campaigning, and advocacy. To continue providing training to civil society organizations, movements, and activists in this field, 7amleh calls for nominations for the best digital campaign and/or the best performance award in the field of digital activism in 2022 to mobilize, show solidarity, raise awareness, and advocate for human rights. The award aims to recognize efforts devoted by organizations, movements, entrepreneurial groups, and activists who succeeded through digital campaigns and digital activism to accomplish their missions and achieve social impact. 

This award is just a small part of the Palestinian Digital Activism Forum’s activities for 2022, which will be held between 17-19 May 2022, under  the theme of “Digital Solidarity for Social Justice”. The Forum will host speakers and trainers worldwide to talk about the challenges that Palestinians confront in the digital space. The Palestinians face various challenges and limitations; many of these challenges emerged during last May’s escelation , such as the absence of digital justice, practices of digital repression, digital discrimination, repressive algorithms, censorship of Palestinian/Arab content by social media companies in response to the pressures exerted on them by the Israeli authorities.

Despite persistent digital repression against Palestinians and their allies, the Palestinian digital space experienced wide global digital solidarity following the increase of digital activism of Palestinians and the emergence of activists and influencers who influenced world public opinion. This took place while, simultaneously, the uprising spread throughout all Palestinian cities and villages and he support of Arab activists and advocates for the Palestinian cause worldwide, as well as the international media coverage, helped achieve this solidarity. Moreover, Palestinian institutions around the world contributed to exerting pressure on media to shed light on the Palestinian narratives once again and reposition the Palestinian cause. 

Thus, this award targets Palestinian institutions and/or movements and/or youth groups and/or activists and/or Palestinians around the world who initiated awareness campaigns and/or digital advocacy and/or digital activity to raise awareness of the Palestinian cause and Palestinian human rights during 2021; As a result, their efforts achieved fruitful outcomes. 

The group/institution/movement that provided the best performance in the field of Palestinian digital activism in 2021 will be recognized during the Palestinian Digital Activism Forum. This year, the Forum hosts a group of the biggest tech companies, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other local, regional, and international institutions. Additionally, various artists, human rights activists, journalists, academics, trainers, and many others are working in the field of digital rights and digital activism in the area. 

Rules of submission:  

  1. The nominated entity (institution, movements, group) or individual for the award should be Palestinian regardless of their georgaphical location.
  2. The relevance of the digital activity to events, issues, and activities that occurred in 2021 is preferred. 
  3. The aim of the digital activity should be to create a better reality through social change, building solidarity, and raising awareness campaigns of what happened in Palestine. 
  4. Digital activity should not be profitable nor for the private sector. 
  5. The digital activity or digital campaign should have achieved social change or contributed to creating awareness or knowledge in any field or contributed to changing policies with social impact. 
  6. The applicant should fill out the entire application and submit all required enclosures. 

The required enclosures: 

The nominated entity for this award should provide us with the required information using this form and submit a detailed report on the activity no later than 09/05/2022. 

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