Code of Conduct for the Palestine Digital Activism Forum

This year Palestine Digital Activism Forum (PDAF 2022) is being held online, and aims to provide an interactive platform to discuss issues related to Palestinian digital rights and digital activism through virtual sessions, training workshops and interactive digital dialogues.

We include in this document the basic rules for those interested in attending and participating in the Palestine Digital Activism Forum for 2022.

These rules are based on our work and that of our partners in the field of human rights and digital rights advocating for  justice and ensuring respect for freedom of opinion and expression, privacy and standing against discrimination. 

  • The Palestine Digital Activism Forum is considered a safe place for everyone, and therefore the attendees of this forum must agree to adhere to the principle of combating discrimination, whether on the basis of race, religion, gender, language, age, class, and / or disability. No participants and / or attendees are allowed to practice any kind of discrimination against any other individual, either during their intervention or within their comments.
  • It is not acceptable to cause harassment, or offense, whether through interventions and / or comments during the forum days and activities, and whoever commits any of these actions, will have their comments deleted at the behest of the forum manager.
  • We do not tolerate hate speech against others, regardless of the reason for its publication, due to its negative impact on the forum space and environment.
  • The Palestine Digital Activism Forum supports a culture of dialogue, open discussion and constructive criticism, and for this we expect the attendees and participants to respect the opinions of others and the diversity of their views, and to remember that you can share your opinions and questions through comments on social media platforms or via the digital forum platform.
  • The Palestine Digital Activism Forum supports the principle of sharing experiences and transferring knowledge, and for this we welcome your dissemination of knowledge and opinions through your comments on the sessions, whether through social media platforms or through the forum’s digital platform.
  • If you fall victim to one of the aforementioned practices or spot a violation of the Code of Conduct for the Palestine Digital Activism Forum, we call on you to cooperate with us by sending it to the following email ( and we promise you that we will deal with it quickly and with complete confidentiality.