Rami Rmeileh

Sumud Circles

Rami Rmeileh is a Palestinian from Burj Barajneh Refugee Camp in Lebanon, who is currently a Doctoral Researcher and Associate Lecturer at the University of Exeter. His thesis focuses on the concept of Sumud and the strategies that Palestinian communities in Lebanese refugee camps develop to cope with the ongoing atrocities they endure. Rami is a Social and Cultural Psychologist who has worked previously for various political and humanitarian organizations, most recently at the European Parliament for MEP Margrete Auken. Rami’s work advocates for Palestinian refugee rights in Lebanon and develops context-sensitive projects, which aim to amplify Palestinians’ voices and aspirations, as well as respond to their needs.

Alongside his studies, Rami is a co-organizer of ‘متواصلون’, or Sumud Circles, which creates a space for Palestinians to discuss issues relating to Palestinian experiences, identity, and history. Rami’s work bridges the divide between academia and activism, furthering the process of decolonization by deconstructing Western academic concepts and working to transform theory into practice.

Speaker’s participations

Workshop: Connected Palestinian youth
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