Tarek Bakri

We Were and Still Are..Here

A computer engineer, born in Jerusalem in 1986, graduated from Al-Ahliyya Amman University in Jordan, and upon his return to Palestine, he developed the idea of ​​documenting the history of displaced Palestinian villages after communicating with Palestinian refugees in Diaspora. He launched his initiative “We were and still are here…” which is devoted to visual documentation in Palestine. Through the initiative, he focuses on documenting the villages abandoned in 1948, the Palestinian homes and landmarks that were taken over by the occupiers. He enclosed this documentation with old photos before Al Nakba; to prove the Palestinians’ right to these sites. Al-Bakri has so far documented photos and stories of many displaced villages throughout Palestine, in addition to an oral documentation project that he carried out in the diaspora camps with the generation that lived during Al Nakba.
He monthly publishes articles in different Palestinian publications. Many exhibitions and seminars have been held for him in Palestine, the Arab world and Europe.
He won the Jerusalem Prize for Culture and Creativity 2018.

Speaker’s participations

Session: Connected Palestinian youth
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